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Ewell, Worcester Park, Raynes Park, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Tadworth and Banstead

The Complexities of Grief in Children: How to Support Them Through the Process
Grief is a complex and challenging emotion that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. However, for children, grief can be especially difficult to navigate. Children experience grief differently from adults, and the way they work through it is also different. As a counsellor, it is important to understand the unique experiences of grieving […]
Is your gambling becoming a problem?
What is gambling addiction? A gambling addiction is a common problem that can be defined as an impulse control disorder. It is a behavioural addiction, where unlike drug addiction, you are addicted to the behaviour itself. You have little or no control over your urge to gamble, even though you understand the negative impact of […]
Substance addiction: causes, effects, and support
Substance addiction is when someone continues to use a substance even though it’s causing problems in their life or they know it’s a problem. Substances are things that you put into your body to make it feel better, such as alcohol, caffeine, or drugs like cocaine, heroin, or prescription painkillers. When someone is addicted to […]
Let’s look at addictions in its many forms, what it is and how it can affect you. Addiction is a chronic brain disease with genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors that can lead to the inability to control your behaviour. Addiction can cause a wide range of health issues and it’s important to seek support if […]

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